Nativity and Carol Service


Carol Service - Nursery Room












The Nursery Room Children practised very hard for their Carol Concerts. They had 7 Songs to sing to their loved ones!


On the day there was also activities and treats for everybody to take part in and the children's Christmas Bags to take home. 






The Children sang beautifully and were very brave!

 Well Done Everybody!!!







The Preschool Children worked very hard this year to learn 7 songs to sing and some children had lines to remember.

They looked wonderful in their costumes and sang clearly and loudly. 

Our Nativity was about a Star who could not shine. The Big Star needed to shine to show people the way to the stable where Baby Jesus had been born. 

The Little Stars tried to encourage the Big Star to shine so that the Shepherds and the Kings could find the stable. 

Once the Big Star could see how happy everybody was to see Baby Jesus, his light shone brightly for all to see.