We recommend  that your child wears comfortable clothing that is easy to manage by themselves.

To protect your child's own clothes, we recommend a uniform of:-

White polo shirt (available from most large supermarkets);

Red sweatshirt / cardigan (sweatshirts with the nursery logo can be purchased from the office prices from £9.00)

Red Nursery Fleeces  with the logo are also available from the office (price from £16.50)

Elasticated skirt/trousers that the children can manage themselves.

In warmer weather girls may wear red gingham dresses with their sweatshirts.

We also recommend that you provide your child with a pair of wellington boots that can be left in out boot store. This allows children to access the outside area during all weathers. We have a number of wet weather suits that the children can use should they want to be outside in the rain/puddle hunts etc.

A red book bag is advised as it allows us to send home work completed by your child, and it also provides another form of communication between yourself and the nursery. These can be purchased from the office for £5.50 and are printed with 'Thorney Island Nursery'


Fleece £16.50
Fleece £16.50
Sweatshirt £9.00
Sweatshirt £9.00