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Our new arrivals ..

Our new arrivals have just been delivered! SO EXCITING!!

Egg number 4 was the first to hatch, it happened on 19/04/2023 around 12:25 - we were all fascinated with them pecking away at their shell.

The very next morning we came into all chicks hatched bar one which never did make an appearance.

The children have also named them all as well:

Pip - chick no 4 and our first arrival Pea- Pea - chick no 5 our second arrival Rainbow Rusty Robbie Jay-Jay Bart Harry Squeak

Over the following days we all really enjoyed seeing them all grow, chirp away and hold them.

On Friday, the lovely lady from Living Eggs came to collect them all and we were very sad to see them go, we said goodbye and hope to see what they look like when they're fully grown.

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