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First week back at Nursery

This week has been the first week back at Nursery and of course the first day back was Halloween.

We really enjoyed seeing the children dressed up in their outfits and enjoying the numerous Halloween based activities we had set up in the room.

We carved our pumpkins, played with the "guts" and used the tweezers with the spooky pasta shapes.

For lunch we had a Halloween party lunch, we all sat together and talked about whether we were going trick or treating and what costumes we would be wearing.

This week has been a very wet one, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying the outdoors.... puddle suits on and splashing in the mud is always fun.

Babies and toddlers have been making bonfire/firework creations and enjoyed dipping marshmallows in chocolate.... and of course eating it too!

Have a great weekend.

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