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Babies and Toddlers

Babies and Toddlers is situated in the smaller building with a self contained astro-turfed garden. 

In the summer months we spend lots of time in the garden, we ensure that there is plenty of shade and waterproof aprons are provided for messy/water play. 

Each child has a key worker who will be responsible for documenting their learning. We use Tapestry for our observations and we keep parents/carers up to date using both Tapestry and verbal handovers.


The staff in the babies and toddlers room build up a strong bond with all the children and ensure that they are always on hand to meet the emotional needs of your child. 

Although Babies and Toddlers is self contained and away from the preschool room, there will be times that we may integrate the children of both age groups. This will mainly be in the summer months to take advantage of the larger garden, but it is also beneficial for the younger children to see the more structured preschool setting and to mix with their peers. 

Snacks and a home cooked meal are provided on site and staff will be on hand to help your child feed themselves etc. 

Below is an example of a typical day in the Babies and Toddlers room

babies & Toddlers (1)1024_1.jpg


Preschool is our larger building for those 3-4 year olds.


We have a large room, with a separate snack room/quiet room for the more concentrated activities.

The room is changed around throughout the term, depending on the topic or interests of the children. This provides better learning opportunities for the children 

As well as following the Early Years Foundation Stage for their learning, we also teach the children skills that they will need for going to school, such as dressing themselves, helping to clear up after snack, teaching them to cut their dinners etc.  

Our staff ensure that they also tend to the emotional, social and physical well being of our children and liase closely with families. 

Below is an example of a typical day in the Preschool room. 

pre school routine1024_1.jpg
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