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Sports Day 2023

On Friday we had our Sports Day!

We went over to the AGP at 1:15 ready for our super stars to start the races, the children took part in various races and all looked like they were having an amazing time. The parents were on the sidelines and I think the children really appreciated all the encouragement and support.

After our individual races, Karen challenged the parents to a a race, first up was the mum's, which was a very close race, I was actually scared they wouldn't stop in time.

Then it was the dads turn and due to technical difficulties we didn't manage to get that on film.... much to Lottie's dads delight as he was running so fast, he took a tumble!

The tug of war was one of the events to finish the day, starting with the children and then ending with the parents having a go.

The day finished with the children collecting their certificates, medals and a sticker each. I think they all really enjoyed the day and especially the parent participation.

Thank you so much for joining us and making these events a special addition to your child's education, and I apologise for my voice/screaming in the videos!!!

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