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Weekly Roundup - Preschool

This week in Preschool has been another busy one!

We've made lots of lovely paintings using different objects, made some dream catchers and some lovely shaving foam ice cream cones.

As usual, we had lots of different activities in the garden and the children always love to explore the insects/lady bugs and have lots of questions about what they have found.

At Thorney Island school they had their Sports Day, so a selection of the preschool children walked over to watch the races. This helps with the children's transition to "big school", we tend to take them to most events at the school, to help them familiarize themselves with the location and surroundings.

The walk to and from the school also helps with any children that will be coming back to us next term using our breakfast and afterschool clubs. Getting ready and doing the walk in pairs, wont be such a shock to the system when they start in September. It is always lovely when our previous preschoolers come to breakfast/after school club, as the staff get to see how they are progressing in school and love to hear about their day. It also means the staff are not as emotional at the end of term, as they will still get to see quite a few of them on a daily basis!

With "big school" in mind we have changed our role play area into a school, we have lots of writing books, book bags and dress up for the children to enjoy. We have also been trying to get the children ready for school with teaching them to get into PE kits, as this is one of the core skills needed for starting school. With lots of practice and encouragement all the children were able to do this and really enjoyed the practice.

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