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Zoo Lab 28-6-2023

We had a lovely lady called Anna who visited us from Zoo Lab, she bought a variation of different animals for the children to look at and handle.

She started with a story about the Gruffalo, which the children all know and love, they were really engaged and enjoyed it.

As Anna was getting the animals out, she answered any questions that the children had and gave lots of information on each one.

We got to see Dolly Python the royal python, some children and adults were very brave and held her/touched her.....others enjoyed from a distance.

The children loved all the names for the animals, a few examples being:

Booboo the Gerbil

Charlotte the pink Tarantula

Bubba the tree Frog

Philippe the Cockroach

I think its safe to say, the children, staff and parents really enjoyed this event and i'm sure we will be hearing about all our new friends for a few days to come.

Thank you for visiting us Zoo Lab, we really enjoyed ourselves.

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