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Weekly Roundup - Preschool 14-7-2023

This week in preschool we have been spending lots of time in the garden, we have been checking on our fruit and veg that we have been growing, they're all coming along nicely. We have runner beans that are ready to pick which is very exciting.

We have been working on our numbers using a game that Natalie made, we had to roll the dice and cut off the number that was rolled, we were all very engaged with this game and it worked on both our scissor skills and our numbers.

On Wednesday both toddlers and preschool enjoyed a teddy bears picnic in the garden. They all made their own sandwiches choosing their fillings from cheese, ham and jam. The children ate their sandwiches they had made along with some sponge cake and a cup of hot chocolate

I am not sure if the teddy bears actually got to try any of the food or hot chocolate but they enjoyed the company!

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