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Weekly Roundup 16-6-2023

This week has been a very busy one at the nursery!

We have had the big toddle and also the first transition sessions to Thorney Island School..

In babies and toddlers, our theme was "sports" we have been throwing and catching balls, playing football and working on our hand eye co-ordination. The children all did a great job and really enjoyed it all, i'm sure we have some future sports stars in the making.

We have been working on our colours and numbers using the various things around the room and have enjoyed nice water play in the garden, we also made some yummy pizzas.

This week in preschool we have had lots of activities going on, we have been reading a book called Kitchen Disco, the children all really enjoyed discussing what they would bring to the kitchen disco.

We have had lots of different activities in the garden which included, tea making, measuring and sorting objects, homemade playdoh pizzas and lots more. With the weather being so nice it has been really nice to spend so much time in the gardens and using the tree for much needed shade.

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